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The Beauty of Online Poker Tournaments

Tired of playing online poker games day in and day out? Why not try playing in online poker tournaments? Online poker tournaments are much more exciting and action-packed than individual table or ring games.

Online poker players have many choices if they want to play their favorite card game. They can go to the casinos and play at the poker tables, or they can join poker tournaments and possibly become instant millionaires. The first option is relatively easy, but joining poker tournaments seem to be a difficult and forbidding task.

Not everyone can join poker tournaments because of the prohibitive buy-in fees. But when it comes to Online Poker tournaments, poker players of all skill levels can join and get the chance to win lots of money.

Many Texas Holdem Poker players (which is probably the most common poker game online) are contented with ring games because they are not knowledgeable enough about the rules of online poker tournaments and thus miss out on all the fun and action. It's not that hard to jump to online poker tournaments as long as you are already familiar with the tournament rules and you know how to play a tournament-level game.

Another reason why many poker players shun tournaments is the prohibitive costs of most live poker tournaments. Live poker tournaments have large prize pools that require expensive buy-in fees. That is not necessarily the case with online poker tournaments. There are many online poker tournaments that have small entry fees and some of them don't even require entry fees!

Freeroll online poker tournaments are tournaments that don't require buy-in or entry fees. Beginners in online poker can join freeroll online poker tournaments if they are worried about the costs or their meager playing skills. The online poker room takes care of the prize pool, and all you have to do is to join freerolls and you will have the chance to play in an online poker tournament without spending any money.

Another exciting form of online poker tournament is the guaranteed tournament. In a guaranteed tournament (also called an added tournament), the tournament organizer adds money to the prize pool along with the entry fees collected. So a guaranteed tournament is a combination of a freeroll and a regular tournament. The bigger prize pool means that the winners get more money but pay low entry fees.

You can find freerolls and guaranteed tournaments in major online poker rooms. Most online poker rooms schedule tournaments as well as daily events on a regular basis.

Online poker tournaments can bring a lot of benefits to your play, because unlike regular ring games, you need a lot of discipline and determination to win a tournament. In table games, you can join and leave quickly, but in tournaments you have to sit down until you win or until you are eliminated. As the players get eliminated one by one you will encounter much stiffer opposition and this requires a great degree of concentration and skill that you won't find in ring games.

If you are looking for challenge and excitement in poker, join an online poker tournament. They not only give you the opportunity to make money, but also exposes you to the rules and rigors of intense competition, turning you into a better online poker player.