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Many of the publishers of books on poker maintain informative, interactive and entertaining web sites. Some of the major sites are:

Cardoza Publishing - publishes over 100 titles on poker, gaming, bridge, backgammon, and chess. There are books appropriate for every level of play, from novice to advanced.

Conjelco - publishes books, newsletters, software, and videos on poker and gambling related products. Operates a large online store that sells products from other publishers at discounted prices. Check out their “Gamblers Corner” for free information and links.

Intelligent Games Publishing - publishes the bestselling Intelligent Guide to Texas Hold'em Poker by Sam Braids.

Two Plus Two - publishes many of the most widely known and influential books on poker and on gambling in general. Their web site provides information on book titles and original essays by many of the authors. An online forum on poker topics is operated through their web site. Anyone with a valid email address can register and participate in the discussions.

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